Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Icognita study abroad consultancy?
    Yes, Icognita is a consultancy which assists high school students and others to seize world opportunities smarter and faster. Reach out to us to get effective admissions, reduce tuition costs, get scholarships, manage lack of information and requirements.
  • What kind of services does Icognita offer?
    Icognita offers school career counselling, study abroad and education consultancy services to broaden students’ options in the future. Study Abroad, Education, Language, Study Visa, Bridge Programs, Career, Counselling, Academic Coaching, Online Sat/Ielts/Toefl/Ap Courses Preparation, University Admissions, Foundation, Trips, Summer & Winter Camps Programs, Master & PhD services.
  • Career test available at Icognita?
    Yes, Icognita has scientific and professional tests which are based in the UK and USA. Successful careers requires consultancy! We offer Career and Personality tests to identify the ideal job content for you buy identifying your motivations and preferences.
  • Does Icognita has an individualized university admission guidance?
    Yes, We guide students to put applications into action for the university admission requirements and application process. Icognita is a great company in the field of Education, Study abroad, Online & On-campus university admissions and preparation of Top & IVY League universities for full scholarship admissions, IELTS/SAT/TOEFL Preparation, etc. Study in the UK, USA, Europe, etc. We bring all opportunities to you, continue your education and career.
  • What does academic coaching include?
    Academic Coaching at Icognita! It is an individualized student academic support and parent coaching service that -supports to identify the test and content, -encourages to motivate, -locks to study, -enhances students’ academic performance by helping them recognize their strengths, -grows their academic skills and habits, -develops well-designed action plans. Our academic experts guide you to fix a timetable that you achieve more.
  • Does Icognita has a support and development of personal essay/statement service ?
    Yes, We check profile of students and preparing a checklist for university admission, and then we help to decide the universities which you will apply. After all steps, we identify requirements according to your university selection, and then we start to guide how you will write essay. We review your essay and help to make it better.

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