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Supporting scholarships gives chances to study at top universities and your dreams come true. Universities offer scholarships available and financial support in order to enhance access, academic quality, outcomes, and diversity of ethnic, cultural, and social backgrounds among students.

Tuition free?
Accommodation free?
Tuition free? + Accommodation free?
Do you want your dream subject, university and country?
Nowadays, college tuition costs have increased, so getting scholarships is a perfect option to help with other expenses.
You can apply for multiple scholarships which support the need.
The best luck of being earned a fully funded Scholarships or financial aid to study at the top universities.
To assist you, we offer our best guidance and advice.

We are here to assist to students for getting 100% scholarships or financial aid.

Icognita Consultancy is your right address to get scholarship and financial aid.
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To assist you, we offer our best assistance and advice.
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