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Courses of 2022 by The USA Educators
Advanced placement (AP) courses are a great opportunity for high school students to make sure they’re fully prepared for college courses, university admission and scholarship opportunities. If you get well score in these courses and on corresponding exams can help you start college with credits you already earned.
In a year more than 1.5 million high school graduates take at least one AP exam. If you want a head start on college during your high school career, it’s important to prepare yourself from experts for your AP exams.
AP Courses that we offer;
AP Calculus
AP Physics
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Statistics
AP Computer Science
Take AP Courses and Stand Out in College Admissions
Earn College credit through AP Exams
Graduate 2-3 semesters early
Decrease challenges of admissions
Increase admission chance to signal admission officers
AP courses are considerable on admission officers` decisions
31% of colleges and universities consider AP to offer scholarships or financial aid
Develop your admissions profile, challenge yourself, and earn college credit with our Advanced Placement (AP) preparation. Just a click away…


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