IELTS Exam Preparation

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to help you work, study or migrate to a country where English is the native language. This includes countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and USA. Your ability to listen, read, write and speak in English will be assessed during the test. IELTS is graded on a scale of 1-9.  The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) has two different methods IELTS for General English, IELTS for Academic English and IELTS UKVI.

If you want to study in english program at any international university, you should prove your language proficiency which is sufficient score of 6.5/9 to be eligible international programs.

if you have taken the IELTS test before and score is not enough, you should get a proper preparation form the experienced. The IELTS preparation  will improve your other skills in writing, listening and prepare you for every type of writing prompt on the test, increasing your chances of getting your target score.

In this preparation you will get the helpful tips, knowledge and strategies you’ll need to compose clear and correct responses while efficiently time management allotted for each part.

Course Duration & Delivery

Each course is up to 2-6 hours over one week. The more you study, the more you get out of the course.  Here’s how to get and increase your score:

  • Minimum age is 16 years old and level of english is intermediate
  • Google classroom,
  • Live sessions: 2-4 hours per class,
  • Practice/Mock Exam: You will get a mock exam and get personalized checking on your performance. It takes 3 hours of study,
  • Self-study: Up to 4-8 hours over the course.  You will get extra tasks to complete before and after the course.
  • 1 to 24 weeks (depending on country),
  • 45 minute lessons
  • Thursday-Saturday, with afternoon classes
  • 8-12 students in a class

Please book your seat if you want to get high score of IELTS and get your future dreams.



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