Aiming to offer the best career and study abroad services in the World Working together, supporting each other and developing long-period relationships lets us succeed far more than we could achieve single and include institutions, universities and more at international, recognized and accredited programs. Collaboration with the best team develops accessibility, network and successful results all over worldwide. Collaboration Philosophy Working together solves education issues and develops the level of education and degrees. Global Vision motivates that only by working together with people, communities, and our supporters and partners, the lives of the world’s best online career and study abroad can be transformed.

At every step – from an adult’s community to global – Our Global Vision works with our partners from across society to influence and bring our experts and global resources to transform people’s educational lives. We are giving importance to the role, experts and resources of higher education in developing knowledge and education level.

We collaborate to have strong partnerships for every partner who has a commitment to find mutual benefit; to respect and value others’ contributions; to manage dynamics carefully; to understand each other and be responsive, and to communicate openly and transparently. The networks we extend with our partners and collaborators allow us to have resources and extend our reach, to support the capacity of marginalized groups and to widen the impact of our policy work.

The quality of our services relies on a deep understanding of complex issues; partnerships are critical to developing a full appreciation of local circumstances and making links between local realities and global.

The Collaboration Core Principles 

Mutual objectives: Working together is clear, flexible and recognized by all partners

Teamwork: Every partner has different capacities and resources to enrich services

Focusing on a goal: Partners share a goal to work towards a common position on important issues.

Transparency and accountability: Being mutually accountable, as well as to be accountable to others with a sharing in the relationship

Personal relationships: Global networks are important resources of new ideas, collaborative support, learning and advice, and commitment to learn, monitor and develop the partnership. Our partners agree on relevant measures to assess the value generated from our collaboration, ways in which it could develop or change, and options to scale back or terminate. We scale our partnering practice and make sure it is fully aligned to global education standards. It is a part of upholding our commitments to the partners, and applies to all of our work in the development of higher education. We are happy to work with our partners who work with us. If you wish to collaborate with us, just fill in the collaboration application form. 

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