About Us

About us!

Icognita Consultancy Limited was established in September 2021 in Romania. Icognita Consulting offers school career counselling, study abroad and education consultancy services designed to help Romanians to broaden their options in overseas learning, future preparations and study abroad. Our main goal is to simplify the admission and course selection process for international students through effective student counselling and facilitate students in finding the best career prospects for a bright future. Our team understands the challenge international students go through when applying to study abroad. With our considerable knowledge as well as practical experience in the field we can advise international students on how to avoid many common mistakes to ensure a smooth and glitch-free admission process. Quality and guidance to each and every client by our professional staff is highly sensitive. We provide total customer satisfaction by performing our job with honesty, integrity and dedication.

With the vision to provide a total customer satisfaction service in these ever-changing and competitive worlds started the driving force of the company backed by a team of intellectuals with honesty and integrity. In a very short span of time, it has gained tremendous response and reputation nationally & internationally. We are working in coordination with our counterparts in the USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND, CYPRUS, SINGAPORE  and many more…. With this very thriving momentum of our team, we managed a giant leap in the field of study abroad and test preparation. So, we are headed high in the transformation and building of the nation by performing our job with honesty, integrity and dedication.

Advisors provide independent support, guidance, training and solutions to educational entities with a focus on compliance and regulatory challenges, workforce and business needs and problem-solving. Our core values guide us in our decisions and behaviours as leaders in the educational consulting to receive consistency in all services.

The vision of Icognita Consultancy is to make the company the biggest with their satisfied client and agents. We believe in not only making a number of clients but making satisfied clients and agents who will remember their dedicated approach at every stage and endless efforts to settle them all over the world in all aspects of life.

We will maintain your trust and confidence. They embody our sense of social responsibility, accountability and proper conduct. We will act appropriately as professionals charged with the important task of assisting owners, operators and administrators of institutions of higher learning. As you strive for excellence, so do we.

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